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        About us
        Company Profile
        Certification and Honors
        Quality system
        R&D and manufacturing
        Human Resources
        Corporate culture
        Organizational structure
        Quality system
        Marketing / Sales Network

        The company has more than 30 provinces in China, was established more than 50 agents / distributors network of institutions and engineering services, trade between countries throughout the world, stable market share forefront of the industry. Brand in the country’s QIXIANG radiation significantly improved its influence is rapidly expanding as the market rose.

        Customer Service / Engineering Support

        The company more than full-time technical support engineers to guarantee the implementation of strict and efficient service processes, quickly respond to customer service work areas, so that partners feel that our quality pre-sale and after-sales service. In the engineering field, the company needs for the project to partners provide a wide range of professional solutions, while employing a number of weak and audio technology experts as technical advisers, ready to solve various engineering problems in large-scale projects to provide on-site technical support
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